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Oracle ACE, Exadata, ZDLRA, and MAA (DG and HA) Expert; Co-Founder and Board Member LUXOUG.

Senior Database Architect with a large experience with Oracle Database, mainly with Oracle engineering systems with a focus in mission-critical and high availability environments. Solid and practical knowledge with Oracle Exadata and Oracle Zero Data Loss (ZDLRA), Data Guard, HA, MAA, including architecture activities like analyses, design, capacity plan, resource management, but also fieldwork like impact estimation, upgrade, patch deploy and patch apply.

Worked as DBA Team Manager and Technical Leader for critical mission environments, including Oracle Exadata deployments (V2, X2, X4, X5 EF, and X6), Oracle Data Guard with replicated ZDLRA for zero RTO and RPO. Practical knowledge with database areas like resource management, IORM for Oracle Exadata, ZDLRA, and backup policies to reduce RTO and RPO. Practical knowledge in correlated areas like storage, network, and virtualized environments too.

Worked to design and implement the first ZDLRA in Brazil, and one of the first of replicated ZDLRA project of the world (2015). The same for Exadata V2 (2010) in Brazil.


European Citizen (Italian) and Brazilian too.


Speaker at Oracle Open World 2015 about Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (linked in MAA Oracle Docs too):



and available here too:



Certifications: Oracle Cloud, Autonomous Database, Oracle 12c OCP, Oracle 10g OCP, OCE and RAC OCE; Microsoft SQLServer MCTS 2005



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  1. Seb

    Ciao Fernando, I’ve just had a look on your step-by-step RAC standby creation, and I see you first copy your pwfile to the standby machine at OS level in orahome/dbs directory… I’ve been struggling to create a standby with its pwfile copied from primary DB directly within ASM, to no avail.
    RMAN script shows indeed
    ~ passwordfile auxiliary format ‘/u01/app/oracle/product/’;

    so I guess it confirms that so far *it is not possible to make a standby using ASM-based password file at the very beginning* of the process… ?

    Thanks a lot anyway cause this page seems to confirm this, and it solved my issue !

    1. Simon

      Thanks for your message.
      I think that yes, is completely possible to create the standby directly with the password file at ASM.
      But, I think that this depends on the process/command that you use to generate your standby. If you use duplicate, I think that will not be possible. If you look here: http://www.fernandosimon.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Steps-RAC-RAC-DG-Creation.txt you will see that duplicate uses the orapw. If you use backup/restore manually, will be easier to do that (I think). But recommends you to test.
      Sorry for the delay to reply your message.
      Best regards.

      Fernando Simon


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