WOW, what a year for 2023. The first thing to say for 2023 is Thank You. First, thanks to my family for all the support.

I need to say Thank You to Jennifer and all of the Oracle ACE Program. Begin of 2023 I became Oracle ACE Director, and it was an amazing journey to reach it. So, Jennifer and the Oracle ACE Program, Thank You for letting me reach this level. But was not alone, you (the reader) who access my blog and social media helped a lot. It helped me access my posts and pushed me harder to improve my writing skills in every post (like the last one for DG PDB and the new command). Last but not least here, Thank You so much Rodrigo Jorge and Tim Chien for the indication to be ACE Director thank you.

More or less over the same area, this year I could back to Oracle Cloud World as a speaker (after 7 years). It is just THE biggest event for Oracle. So, Thank You Mike Dietrich and Rodrigo Jorge for the invite. I could talk and share my experience and be on stage with you too. As I heard, the session was classified in the top 12 for the whole OCW. Thank you too Tim Chien for the invite to speak as well, was amazing to share the stage with you too.

And talking about sessions I need to say Thank You to POUG, DOAG, and UKOUG for accepting my session to speak at your events. Meeting old (and making new) friends is simply amazing. Hope to see you soon during other sessions.

And for my work, was a stunning year too. Big project delivery flawless (core banking migration), and several others during the year. Thank You to my coworkers, and friends there.

So, for 2024 I simply wish that I could do and deliver the same that I made during 2023. 2023 was simply amazing, hope the same for 2024.  And I wish you the same for you too.

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