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Understanding ZDLRA

Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA) deliver to you the capacity to improve the reliability of your environment in more than one way. You can improve the RPO (Recovery Point Objective) for your databases until you reach zero, zero data loss. And besides that, adding a lot of new cool features (virtual backups, real-time redo, tape and cloud, DG/MAA integration) on the way how you do that your backups (incremental forever), and backup strategy. And again, besides that, improve the MAA at the highest level that you can hit.

But this is just marketing, right? No, really, works pretty well! My history with ZDLRA  starts with Oracle Open World 2014 when they released the ZDLRA and I watched the session/presentation. At that moment I figure out how good the solution was. In that moment, hit exactly the problem that I was suffering for databases: deduplication (bad dedup). One year later, in 2015 at OOW I made the presentation for a big project that I coordinate (from definition implementation, and usage)  with 2 Sites + 2 ZDLRA + N Exadata’s + Zero RPO and RTO + DG + Replication. And at the end of 2017 moved to a new continent, but still involved with MAA and ZDLRA until today.

This post is just a little start point about ZDLRA, I will do a quick review about some key points but will write about each one (with examples) in several other dedicates posts. I will not cover the bureaucratic steps to build the project like that, POC, scope definition, key turn points, and budget. I will talk technically about ZDLRA.


ZDLRA, since 2014

In Oracle Open World 2014 the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA) was released and it changed MAA in many ways, but two principals: protection and backup. I watched the ZDLRA presentation and saw that matched with the needs that I had that time.

After OOW in 2014 I started the project (all phases, from conception, requirements until deployments and usage) that become (in 2015) the first ZDLRA installation in Brazil, and one of the first of the world too that use replicated ZDLRA to protect both sites (primary and standby) and many levels of databases (PRO, TST, DEV). The Oracle MAA at its finest was amazing: ZDLRA + Exadata + DG; everything integrated to protect both sites.

Because of the high design level of the project it was chosen to be one of the main presentation in Oracle Open World 2015 about ZDLRA, you can find the link of the presentation that I made together with ZDLRA dev team here. As told before, in this project was integrated two ZDLRA, two Exadata and DG to reach ZERO Recover Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and beside that, reduce backup time. You can see the presentation to check the scope and other details.


OpenWorld 2014

No final de Setembro e início de Outubro aconteceu a OpenWorld 2014 e tivemos muitas novidades, infelizmente serei um pouco parcial aqui por estar muito ligado ao Engineered Systems Oracle (Exadata, Backups) e alta disponibilidade – MAA (DataGuard, RAC). Nesta edição tivemos boas notícias em várias áreas, alguns lançamentos e muita informação técnica.

Para quem nunca foi na OpenWorld algumas coisas precisam ser esclarecidas, você não irá conseguir assistir a tudo o que você quer. Você terá que escolher qual palestra irá assistir, garanto a você que existirão duas que você gostaria de assistir no mesmo horário e terá que escolher só uma. Diferentemente da OpenWorld do Brasil, lá as palestras são com a equipe de engenharia da Oracle, você tem acesso a pessoa que criou o conceito por trás da tecnologia, como o CBO, o In-Memory do 12C (que foi a mesma do CBO), do Resource Manager, do Smarscan do Exadata e afins. Para os técnicos é ideal.

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