Friends, Conferences, and Community

Last September was pretty special for me because had some opportunity to meet friends again after COVID/Pandemic situation.


First, POUG is POUG. There is no way to describe what it is if you were never there. I had the opportunity to be there talking about ExaCC. The whole conference is amazing, not just because of the technical content (that is surreal), but also because of the friends that were/are there. Everyone that was there was enjoying the conference, but most important, enjoying being there with friends.

For POUG I need to say thank you to Kamil Stawiarski ( and Luiza Nowak ( for organizing the event. You, together with the whole POUG team, made one fantastic conference.


In September I had the opportunity to talk in two sessions at DOAG too, one for Exadata and another for ZDLRA. DOAG is a huge conference with a lot of content, so, the opportunity to make new friends and see a different community is enormous. But besides that, you have an opportunity to meet Oracle PM’s and talk with them about products, ask some questions and receive good insights. Maybe you can even change one Oracle product.

Oracle ACE, Friends, Conferences, and Community

Oracle ACE ( returned as a 2.0 version with a lot of new things. But the most important part of the program is the community, sharing knowledge, and making friends. During the last DOAG, I participated in the Ace dinner and the first Oracle Ace Adventure but the most important point continues the same, community and friends. Being there, and seeing old friends is amazing.

The point of this post is friendship. It is the feeling that makes us enjoy being with friends and being part of a community. For me, Oracle friends that I made online and several others that I made going to in-person conferences like POUG, and DOAG this year; but at UKOUG, HrOUG, and also GUOB. Oracle ACE is a big family, we enjoy sharing knowledge, writing blog posts, doing videos, and being in conferences. So, I invite you to join at Oracle Ace family and participate in Oracle User Groups and conferences, is amazing.


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